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Ever wonder what an MRI sounds like?

Click below to hear some MRI sounds for yourself

Click the links below to download an MP3 sample of some MRI sounds.  The first is a single short scan that can give you a general overview of one particular scan segment.  It runs only 1 minute, 7 seconds.  The second is an entire brain scan with all of the segments.  It runs about 22 minutes.  You can download this scan to your MP3 player, lie down on your couch with a cloth over your eyes, and it will give a pretty decent glimpse at what the MRI will be like (as close as you can get in your home anyways).


Sample of MRI sounds

     This download is approximately 1MB.  Scan time is about 1 minute Download DWI Brain Siemens 1.5T.mp3

Whole Brain MRI Scan

     This download is approximately 22MB.  Scan time is about 22 minutes Download Whole Brain Scan.mp3

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