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Before your MRI


  1. When arriving at the MRI facility you will be asked to register and you will be given A LOT of paperwork.  Be sure to allow yourself enough time to get through this entire process without feeling rushed.  Arriving early will cut down on your stress and allow you to accurately fill out all the forms required for the test.
  2. As your appointment time nears an MRI technologist or assistant will bring you to a changing area.  Here you will be asked to remove your metal (due to the magnet) and change your clothes into a set of hospital-approved clothes, usually a gown or medical scrub set. 
  3. At the time of your appointment the technologist will review your paperwork with you, explain the procedure, and answer any questions you have.  You will then be taken to the MRI scan room.  Do not feel rushed during this part of the process, even if the tech seems hurried.  Ask any questions that come to mind.  It will make you feel much more confident and relaxed.

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