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After your MRI


  1. When the test is complete you will be moved out of the scanner, the table will be lowered, and you will be helped to a standing position by the technologist.  Be aware that you may get dizzy if you stand or sit up too quickly.  Take your time to get your bearings before you stand as you have been lying down for about 45 minutes or longer.
  2. You will be escorted back to the changing area to retrieve your belongings.  Here the tech will tell you if there are any further instructions or follow up information.  Test results are usually made available to your ordering physician within 3 to 5 business days.  The technologist can provide more specifics about timeframes.
  3. The technologist CANNOT answer any specific questions about your diagnosis, or tell you what they saw on your images.  Persuading them to tell you could cost them their job.  Most often the images still have lots of post processing computer work to be done and so an accurate diagnosis cannot be given immediately upon completion of the test.
  4. After changing back into your clothes you will be shown the way out and given check out instructions.  Many facilities have no checkout procedure and you will be allowed to leave after changing.  Your technologist will explain this to you.

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